The Committee

Our committee works behind the scenes to run the shop as a community owned business.

During the time when the shop was being set up, we had to learn about what a community business means, get our heads round all sorts of financial and legal matters and research what other communities have done. There was an enormous amount of help from ViRSA, the Co-op and Tesco, but we had to make the final decisions on your behalf.

Now the shop is established, the everyday decisions are made by the Shop Manager and the committee now acts as a Management Committee.

The current committee is:

  • Lisa Allman – Chair
  • Maria Lindley – Treasurer
  • Kate Harrison – Secretary
  • Martin Colville
  • Lionel Greaves
  • Nikki Partington
  • Carol Rowntree
  • Trevor Scadeng

If you are interested in joining the Management Committee, please let us know. The committee is elected at each AGM by our members (shareholders).