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Seville Orange Marmalade

We have Seville Oranges in stock so why not make your own marmalade. Here’s a quick recipe you can try: 1.3kg Seville oranges 2 lemons, juice only 2.6kg preserving or granulated sugar Put the whole oranges and lemon juice in a large preserving pan and cover with 2 litres/4 pints water – if it does not cover the fruit, use a smaller pan. If necessary weight the oranges with a heat-proof plate to keep them submerged. Bring to the boil, […]

Fresh Cut Flowers

Seasonal locally grown flowers priced at £5 We can take orders and cater for special occasions as well as ad hoc bouquets of various sizes  We have deliveries on Tuesday and Friday however if you would like to order for another day please give us two days notice Visit Delamere Flower Farm for more information Perfect for gifts and self indulgence