About Us

How the shop started

In 2010 the Parish Council decided to ask a steering committee to look at how our local shop could be supported as a community business, as Helen Rimmer, our Post Mistress, wanted to give up the retail side of her business.

A small group of residents got together to research the idea of a community shop, find out what customers wanted, such as local produce, and raise funds for the project. With a lot of help from the Plunkett Foundation and Virsa, we developed a business plan and presented it to the community. Residents were invited to become members of an Industrial and Provident Society and through their contributions we raised £8,000. The Parish Councils of Ashton Hayes and Mouldsworth gave us £7,000 so we were then able to apply for grant funding to meet our target of £30,000.

That’s a rather simple summary of the hundreds of hours that went into this project behind the scenes. Regular committee meetings, correspondence with the various organisations that have helped us, researching what other shops have done – successful and otherwise, raising money and applying for grants and recruiting volunteers.

The shop will continue to develop in response to the needs of the community so we hope you will keep supporting us to maintain this essential part of village life.

Who’s Who?

You can still subscribe for shares in the shop – download an application form here.

The Business Plan produced in March 2009 can be downloaded here.